New template: Music Band

One week after sending hundreds of invitations, this week’s release is focused on bugfixing. But that’s not all, we are back with a brand new template: Music Band

Music Band is the perfect template to let fans discover the universe of a music band or an artist.

The template features an audio player to listen to tracks in the discography of the band. Other views include a calendar, a photo gallery, a video gallery, news feed, as well as a couple of static pages to describe the biography of the band and contact information.

It is declined in a mobile, tablet and TV version:

Music Band template on smartphones

Click here to test the phone version.

Music Band template on tablets

Click here to test the tablet version.

Music Band template on TV

Click here to test the TV version.

The player is always accessible from any view of the app, and the music keeps continuously playing while exploring the app.


We are really looking forward to seeing bands to start using it. Drop us a note in the comments if you build an app for a band, we will promote it.

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